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We work closely with our clients and candidates every step of the way, regardless of position and seniority we offer the same thorough service where we aim to understand exactly the person or company your looking for.


Talk With Recruiter

A trained recruiter will talk to you on the telephone or face to face to better understand your requirements. We take the time to thoroughly understand you and your aspirations.



Prior to interview we take time to explain the company, job description and the managers requirements. You’ll have a good understanding of the structure, team and projects you’ll be working on.


Over to you, every client will expect you to be dressed smartly having researched the business and understand the position for which your interviewing. We recommend you arrive slightly early and relaxed ready for a good meeting.

Get Hired

The Consultants at Kenna Recruitment will help with every stage of the onboarding process from chasing the offer in writing to ensuring you’ve received your starter pack. After starting we’ll regularly keep in touch to ensure your happy..

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